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Staff Spotlight

Sean Kryzkowski

Sean checks in/out PA Rentals, assists with installations, researches gear for install proposals, and runs sound for live events as needed, along with a plethora of other duties. He comes to us with a Bachelor's of Music with Sound Engineering Arts as his focus from William Patterson University. He's also an accomplished classical style guitarist.

In his sordid past, he worked front of house and monitor tech for an unnamed sound company in California. Currently though, outside of here, he can be found at Club Groove or Cafe Wha? in NYC. Fancy.

Out on the road, he has worked as an assistant house tech for touring artists such as Sublime with Rome, Young the Giant, Ziggy Marley, and a bunch more.

When he's not focusing on maintaining this glorious chinstrap beard, his hobbies entail motorsports, basketball, and... chopping firewood? Who lists that as a hobby? Seriously.