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Staff Spotlight

Pete Tummillo

This week we present the magician, Pete Tummillo! He's part of our School Servicing Team, as well as the resident brass tech/repairman who has been with us for 15 years! Seriously, there's magic in them hands. I have yet to see a brass instrument come in that he couldn't make work again. Even tubas that have been run over by trucks (seriously, that happened). He also services a vast number of school districts, dealing with sales, repairs, rentals & consultations. His education and work background brings a BA and MA in Music Education from Montclair State College, as well as his Supervisor's Certification. He taught as a music teacher for the Garfield School District for 7 years, and TWENTY-SIX years as the Music Teacher/Director for the Jefferson Township School District. No, we're not going to tell you how old he actually is. He's also played in a plethora of bands over the years, and are as follows: The 50th Armor Division Army National Guard Band "Polk" Horn Band "Timepiece" Wedding Band "New Sensation" Wedding Band Covenant Brass Quintet & Conductor/Director of the Jefferson Township Community Concert and Jazz Bands Our favorite bearded mini-Santa (yeah, he's THAT jolly, all the time) has some personal achievements that also bear mentioning. He received Teacher of the Year, twice at the Jefferson School District. He was the recipient of the Geraldine R. Dodge Grant to study Architecture and the correlation to Baroque Music. His hobbies reside almost entirely in family activities. He absolutely loves to vacation on cruise ships, and is an avid coin collector.