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Staff Spotlight

Nick Domanski

There's been some changes here, and one is a new photographer, Nick Domanski!
He's here to shoot our vast array of new products as they come in and make them look as glorious as possible, while working with the sales and marketing teams to create visually appealing web graphics.

He comes to us with a BS in Industrial Design from NJIT, along with 5 years of product design and graphic design experience.

He's not in any bands (YET), but he's working on calluses on his fingers so he can be a fancy bassist, like Flea. He's keeping a very tight facial hair regimen so he can also fit the look. 😉

In his past he's had his artwork displayed and sold in various NJ galleries, which is awesome. He's also had his photomanipulation work exhibited @ The Monmouth Museum, as well as being the co-designer & project manager of the 2012 Fashion Week Installation.

When he's not here, his hobbies consist of hiking, playing Lewis & Clark, creating art, and putting together the most epic playlists you could possibly fathom.