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Staff Spotlight

Mike Spoer

This time, we bring forth Mike Spoer, teacher and Lead Educational Resources Coordinator! He's been here for at least 11 years in one capacity or another, and oversees the daily operations of our School Servicing Department, Repairs, Lessons and administrates our Genesis Music Program. On top of that, he also visits a good amount of the schools we service. He also occasionally sleeps. He studied Music Education at the Undergrad & Graduate levels at Westminster Choir College at Princeton. He was a substitute teacher full-time for 5 years for Middle Schools. Additionally, he took courses in Social Media Marketing from Northwestern University. Locally, he's the bass player for The Harrisons , and a board member for the Sussex County Oritorio Society. He's also in pre-production on an album of original songs. He's a registered Singer/Songwriter w/BMI and a published Choral Editor for GIA. He also helps run an ecumenical retreat program for adults. Seriously, he might sleep. Or, his beard fuels him. His hobbies consist of hiking, fishing, and reading/learning about anything he possibly can. He enjoys gardening, although I think that it's more that he enjoys going to war with the resident groundhog. He also serves as the secretary for The Single Malt Society, which if you couldn't guess, is a whiskey/scotch club. He loves the sweet, sweet smell of bacon in the morning, and likes to play an Oncologist on TV. I don't think he actually sleeps.