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Staff Spotlight

Joy Scognamiglio

The ever-elusive Joy Scognamiglio! Tucked away, high up in the highest tower in the office for the last 8 years, she is our Office Administrator, and is a vital part of keeping this team moving. From accounts receivables, to working hard in the rental and customer service team, there is no point in the day that she's not zipping around, making sure everything can run as smooth as humanly possible. Chances are if you've called with a rental question, you've spoken to her. She comes to us having graduated "a long time ago" 💖 with a degree in Marketing. She had worked in furniture retail for some time, working with purchasing and advising the visual merchandising team. Her musical background is short, as she's still just learning to play guitar, as a lefty in a righty world. 🎅(one of the only emoji's I could find with a beard) She is amazed by and thankful for her beautiful family, and has gained appreciation for the value of being teachable, while desiring to learn and grow. Her interests and hobbies are vast, from loving to travel (obviously not happening right now 😔), to learning to speak Italian in hopes that she can go back again once the pandemic is over. She loves cooking and baking, especially for when her family comes together for their Sunday dinners.