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Staff Spotlight

Dave Rutan

Today we present Dave Rutan, our resident wood-smith! He squirrels himself away in the back of the workshop, maintaining the huge amount of the Music Den's orchestral rental stock, as well as customer repairs, including re-hairing bows (we use to actually send bows out before he joined the team). He's been gracing us with his presence for at least 3 and a half years now, after 13 years as a job printer and 17 years as a stay at home dad. At home, he likes to dabble on his fiddle. And, while he admits that he doesn't play it well, he still enjoys it. He doesn't see himself coming out of the basement with it anytime soon... One thing that even I didn't know until this, was that he actually published a history book, titled "Remember the Sussex Branch of the Lakawanna Railroad". It's in hardcover, I've seen it. That's available on Lulu.com for those interested. His other hobbies include building folk instruments from scratch, like Cajons, Mountain Dulcimers, Box Cellos, Silent Fiddles, and maintaining that Richard Dreyfuss look-a-like beard, which is on point. He also likes to write science fiction, he's an avid conlanger (a creator of fictional languages) but doesn't think of himself as a linguist. He does, however, speak a second language, which is Esperanto (not spanish). And all around interesting cat, and a magician with troubled instruments made of wood. A true wood-smith.