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The Music Den is the go-to place for musical instrument repairs.

For over 3 decades experienced-pros and beginners alike have depended on The Music Den to keep their instruments in top playing condition. Our Repair specialists are players, craftsman, educators, and most importantly they are here to provide great service.

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1 Drop off your instrument

Upon arrival at our store, a sales associate will check in your instrument at the front counter. They will create a service ticket with the instrument serial number and any information that pertains to your repair or service.

2 Complete Work or Estimate*

Once in our shop, our staff will check, play test and diagnose your instrument. If your repair or service is going to cost more than approximately $60 we will call with an estimate and get your 'OK' before completing any work.

3 Pick up your instrument

A sales associate will call when your instrument is ready to be picked up. You can then pick it up at your earliest convenience.

Rental Customers

Keeping your rental instrument in proper playing condition is important. The good news is that during your lease period your instrument is covered by our Maintainence & Repair Plan (see rental terms for more information.)

Service Options

  • Drop-Off - Drop the instrument at our Randolph store location.
  • School Pick-Up - If your school is one we service the instrument can be picked up by one of our school representitives.

All Other Customers (Non-Rental Customers)

Service Options

  • Drop-Off - Drop the instrument at our Randolph store location.

* If your repair is going to cost under $60.00 we will complete it and you will be charged. If you would like an estimate before any work is done period, even if it is under $60.00, simply let the sales associate know and they will put a note in your ticket. No repairs will begin and no charges will be applied until we get your 'OK'.

Below of is a list of instruments we service. The list is not comprehensive. If you don't see somthing listed please don't hesitate to contact us and ask.


  • Saxophones
  • Flute
  • Clarinets
  • Oboe
  • Bassoon
  • English Horn


  • Trumpets
  • Trombones
  • French Horns
  • Baritones
  • Euphoniums
  • Marching Brass


  • Guitars
  • Bass Guitars
  • Banjo
  • Mandolin
  • Ukuleles

Orchestral Strings

  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Double Bass

Meet Our Repair Technicians

Orchestral String Repairs

Dave Rutan

Dave Rutan

Dave Rutan is our orchestral strings technician. He came to us through his interest in woodworking and trained under Jerry Scognamiglio. Dave has worked for us several years. He is responsible for maintaining the shop's rental instruments as well as client repairs including re-hairing bows.

Brass Repairs

Pete Tumillo

Pete Tummillo

Peter Tummillo is our Brass Specialist. He has a Bachelors and Masters in Music Education from Montclair State University. Peter worked for 31 years as Director of Bands at Jefferson Township High School and has been our Brass Repair Technician for almost 20 years.

Woodwind Technician

Joe Russo

Joe G. Russo

Joe went to Berklee College of Music, Boston Conservatory of Music, and SUNY at Plattsburg, and has a Bachelor of Arts in music composition. A graduate of Allied Repair School, he has been repairing woodwind instruments since 1989.

Rental Inventory Coordinator/ Repair Technician Assistant

Julie Tummillo

Julie Tummillo

I graduated from Sussex County Community College with an Associates of Science degree in Criminal Justice in Spring of 2014. I then transfered to Stockton University and recieved my Bachelors of Arts degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Homeland Security in Spring of 2016. I interned that summer in Washington D.C. with the Metroploitian Police Department in their research department. I started working at The Music Den fall/winter 2015 as a part time employee. I have been a full time employee (offically) since November 2018, where I have taken more of a leadership role in structuring the maintenance process of all rental brass and woodwind instruments, as well as ordering and restocking all rental supplies. Musically, I have been playing the trumpet since grammar school and continue performing as an active member of the Jefferson Township Community Band and Jazz Band.

General Questions

Do I need to make an appointment?

No. We service instruments in the order they are brought in. No appointment is necessary.

Can you fix my instrument while I wait?

Generally no. We have an always running back-log of instruments. We repair them in the order they are received. When you drop your instrument off if it seems like it is a simple fix we try to accommodate when possible but we can't make any guarantees.

If I call or email and tell you _______ is wrong with my instrument. Can you tell me how much will it cost to fix?

No. We really can't give an accurate estimate without a tech being able to examine the physical instrument.