The Music Den Repair Shop

String Repairs - Woodwind Repairs - Brass Repairs

The Music Den is the "go-to" place for musical instrument repairs.

Our Repair specialists are players, craftsman, educators, and most importantly they are here to provide great service. For over 3 decades experienced-pros and beginners alike have depended on The Music Den to keep their instruments in top playing condition.

Our Process:

1 Drop off your instrument

Upon arrival at our store, a sales associate will check in your instrument at the front counter. They will create a service ticket with the instrument serial number and any information that pertains to your repair or service.

2 Repair or Estimate*

Once in our shop, our staff will check, play test and diagnose your instrument. If your repair or service is going to cost more than approximately $60 we will call with an estimate and get your 'OK' before completing any work.

3 Pick up your instrument

A sales associate will call when your instrument is ready to be picked up.....Pick it up.

Meet Our Repair Technicians

String Repairs

Geoff Vella

Geoff Vella

Geoff Vella graduated from the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery in 2000. His focus was on building acoustic and electric guitars as well as general string repairs. For school rental certification Geoff trained at EMMC in Elkhard, Indiana. Since then Geoff has become one of the finest local technicians for all orchestral fretted instrument repairs.

Brass Repairs

Pete Tumillo

Pete Tummillo

Peter Tummillo is our Brass Specialist. He has a Bachelors and Masters in Music Education from Montclair State University. Peter worked for 31 years as Director of Bands at Jefferson Township High School and has been our Brass Repair Technician for almost 20 years.

Woodwind Repairs

Ron Parello

Ron Parello

Ron Parello is our Repair Department Manager. He has a Bachelor's of Music Education/Performance from HARTT College of Music and a Master's in Performance from East Carolina University. Mr. Parello has been a music educator for 30 years including 25 years as a saxophone instructor at William Patterson University. He has taught private lessons here at The Music Den and other shops and has been repairing instruments for us the past 20 plus years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coming Soon....

* If your repair is going to cost under $60.00 we will complete it and you will be charged. If you would like an estimate before any work is done period, even if it is under $60.00, simply let the sales associate know and they will put a note in your ticket. No repairs will begin and no charges will be applied until we get your 'OK'.