Nicco DiRenzi
Primary Instrument: Voice
Additional Instruments: Recording/Home Studio


Nicco DiRenzi began singing at a very young age in an attempt to emulate his grandfather and father, both of whom were vocalists.  Throughout his life Nicco has had the opportunity to perform a wide variety of vocal styles including Choral Music, Musical Theatre, Hip-Hop, and (his personal favorite) R&B.

In 2011, Nicco was nominated by The Papermill Playhouse for Best Actor in a supporting roll for his multi-character performances in the musical Candide.  Nicco obtained knowledge of theater vocals and performance when he was offered a scholarship to The Papermill Playhouse’s Summer Conservatory Program. Rolls such as Rapunzel’s Prince in Into The Woods, Troy in High School Musical, Brett in 13 as well as other ensemble performances have provided experience in the performing arts.

While in high school and college Nicco was surrounded by choral music, participating in musical groups such as the Chamber SingersMadrigals, and William Paterson’s University Choir where he was elected as President and Vice President in various semesters. While obtaining a degree in Sound Engineering Arts he was trained by the vocal staff at William Paterson University in classical voice, adding another style to his already wide repertoire. While in high school he was fortunate to be in one of the top 100 schools for music in the country allowing him to sing in Puerto Rico, California, and at venues such as Carnegie Hall and Notre Dame in France. 

Aside from his schooling Nicco performs with a wedding band alongside his father and performs with multiple cover bands which keeps his song selection current and gives him the opportunity to explore even more vocal styles. He also creates his own music using audio programs including Pro Tools , Logic Pro X, Abelton, etc. He enjoys producing genres such as R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop & Dance. He is a professional DJ/MC at Zenrgy Productions adding yet another form of musical entertainment to his craft. 

Nicco enjoys sharing his knowledge while helping his students achieve their personal milestones. He believes it is never too early or too late to get lessons. The beauty of teaching vocal lessons is that every person will have a different sound and no matter what that sound is, it will shine. 

Currently, Nicco is available for private lessons Tuesday evenings.