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New Horizons Music Ensemble

Class Description

New Horizons LogoWho is it for?

Concept and Philosophy

The concept and philosophy of the New Horizons Music program is to provide entry level music making for adults. This includes:

  • Adults with no previous musical experience
  • Adults who were active in a school music program but have not played for a long time.
  • Adults who have continued to actively play an instrument.

It is estimated that nationally, 15-20% of high school students were involved in music programs. This means at least 80% of the adult population needs beginning instruction in order to participate in music making. New Horizons Music programs successfully fulfills this need.


There is growing evidence that music making supports good mental and physical health.

Active participation in a music program fills some important needs for adults:

  • The need for challenging intellectual activity
  • The need to be a contributing member of a group
  • The need to have exciting events to anticipate in the future.

Music is a way of life. It can be the object of deep contemplation and the expression of a wide range of emotions. It provides and opportunity to experience profound and serious thoughts and joyful moments. Music makes connections to the past, the present, and the future. There is growing evidence that music making supports good mental and physical health. The constant mental challenge of learning music is an ideal form of mental exercise. Early studies show that music making can reduce depression and increase the strength of the immune system.

Where to Start:

Started in September 2019, the Music Den will begin conducting formal music lessons and rehearsals for NHO members. The lessons and rehearsal sessions will be held on Wednesdays from 9:30 - 11:30 AM in the Theater at The Music Den. This is a semester program that culminates in performance.

For more information about participating, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 973-927-5800 ext. 106 or email [email protected]

What we do:

Offer classes and performance opportunities to adults ages 50 and up. Establish the NHO Program in the Randolph community Offer the opportunity for older musicians to rent and play an instrument.


Members must be age 50+. Students must be willing to meet once per week for a period of time and eager to perform in an ensemble. 

All classes and performances will be held in the Theater at The Music Den . A qualified conductor and teacher(s) will be present for lessons and monitor performances.

More Information about New Horizons:

For more information about New Horizons, visit the Organization's Website: