Genesis Music Program

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It's Time To Join The Band!

Your child has shown an interest in joining your school's band for the upcoming school year. We are delighted that Genesis Music Program will be providing instrumental music instruction in your school.

Half-hour lessons once a week in a small group setting

Minimum of 30 lessons during the regular school year.

The lessons are given on a rotating basis, so your child will not miss the same class time each week.

Qualified students also participate in a band or ensemble group at your school.

About The Signup Process

Signing your child up to part of their school band is easy with The Music Den. An overview of the process is listed below.


Please note that the processing of your signup form is not instantaneous. We will notify you via email when your form has been processed and your account has been invoiced. You will then be able to make your tuition payment(s) through your online account.

Step 1 - Registration Fee

The registration fee is the only upfront charge that is required. Pay it now online.

Pay Registration Fee

Step 2 - Signup Form

Check your inbox for a link to our online signup form. Complete the form and pick your instrument and payment plan.

Step 3 - Pay Tuition

Payments are due based on the schedule outlined below. Payments can be made through your online account after it has been invoiced (on or close to the first of the billing month) by visiting

Rentals & Required Accessories

Your child will need the following in order to particpate in the band program:

  • Instrument. An instrument of decent quality and in good playing condition is required. This can be rented or purchased. If you have an insturment already, we recommend getting it checked and serviced before the start of the year.
  • Music Stand. This can be purchased online: Yamaha Student Music Stand w/ bag.
  • Lesson Book The Required book is the Ed Sueta Band Method Book 1

(If renting you can select to add the stand and book on the rental finalization page).

Band Rentals

You can have confidence that you are getting a quality, teacher-approved instrument when you rent with the Music Den. We offer only brand-names like Yamaha, Selmer, and jupiter.

Rent Now

Instrument Repairs

We do all band and orchestra instrument repairs in-house at our Randolph location.

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About The Music Den

The Music Den would like to welcome the Genesis Music Program into our Music Den family. Music education has been a central component of our business since its founding over 35 years ago. We currently maintain a roster of over 500 private music students a week who attend lessons at our Randolph and Butler NJ stores. In addition, we are one the top band and orchestra instrument rental programs in NJ.

Our mission is simple, to provide our customers with the best service and value possible.

Payment Plans

Below you will find the available tuition payment plan options that we offer. Multiple children from the same family receive a significant discount.


1 Payment Plan

Registration Fee $35
1st Child $460.00 x 1/1yr
2nd Child (25% Discount) $345.00 x 1/1yr
3rd Child (50% Discount) $230.00 x 1/1yr

2 Payment Plan

Registration Fee $35
1st Child $250.00 x 2/1yr
2nd Child (25% Discount) $188.00 x 2/1yr
3rd Child (50% Discount) $125.00 x 2/1yr

4 Payment Plan

Registration Fee $35
1st Child $130.00 x 4/1yr
2nd Child (25% Discount) $97.50   x 4/1yr
3rd Child (50% Discount) $65.00   x 4/1yr

2019 Payment Schedule

Payment Plan: Payment Due Date(s):
Registration Fee ($35) by Sept 01
1 Payment Plan Sept 15
2 Payment Plan Sept 15, Feb 15
4 Payment Plan Sept 15, Nov 15, Jan 15, March 15

Introducing the Instruments of the Band

Your School has a terrific band! Now your child has a chance to be part of the fun, playing for school events, festivals, and more. Lessons take place in small groups during the school day following and educationally sound, sequential music curriculum.



The flute is one of the higer pitched instruments of the woodwind family. It has a beautiful sound that can be light and happy or quiet and calm.



The clarinet is a popular woodwind instrument. It can play both high and low notes and plays a wide range of music from classical to jazz. A band generally has more clarinets than any other instrument.



Depending on the player, the saxophone can sound mellow or strong. It does everything from pop to big band to jazz but also has its place in classical music.



The trumpet plays high brassy notes. An optional mute can make the trumpet sound completely different. Many great jazz artists have been trumpet players.



The trombone has the greatest note range out of all the brass becuase of its slide. The 'bone' is an essential part of any big band group.


Percussion (Snare Drum Kit)

Percussionists don't just play the drums. There are many kinds of percussion instruments, including the cymbals, snare drum, timpani and bass drum -- and you should learn to play them all.