C2B Online Payment System

What is C2B?

C2B stands for "Customer to Business", and is an exciting new addition to the many services we provide our customers. C2B enables customers to pay for virtually any type of invoice they may have, ONLINE, from the comfort of their homes. That means that customers who used to have to come to the store or mail in checks and coupons to pay for balances on their Music Den account, can now:

What can you do with C2B?

  • Pay for Rentals
  • Pay for Repairs
  • Pay for Lessons
  • Pay for Items on Hold

How do I begin?

 1 Create An Account

To start using the C2B system, customers first need to create an account on the www.TheMusicDen.com website. Even though you may already have an in-store account, a web account still must be setup. If you have ever purchased any thing from this website, you already have an account setup.
create an account

2 Request C2B Service

Next, you will have to submit a request through this website to be included in our C2B system. To do this you will need to know your in-store MusicDen account number. You can find this number printed on receipts you may have gotten from purchases or payments at a Music Den store. You can also call our store at 1-800-479-1189, and one of our Sales Representatives can tell you your account number.
Request C2B service

3 Wait for the Request to be Processed

Once your request has been submitted it will need to be processed by the MusicDen and linked to your in-store account. When your request has been processed you will receive an email notifying you that you can start using C2B. Most requests will be processed by the next business day.

4 Start using C2B!!!

You are now ready to begin using C2B! Use the C2B Quicklinks above.

C2B-Check History

"C2B-Check History" allows you to view any Music Den invoices you may have. Just enter a beginning and ending date range and click "Get History."(Note: Please use the date format mm/dd/yyyy when entering dates.) This will present you with a list of invoices that correspond to the dates entered for the account. Individual invoices can be clicked on to get more information.
C2B-Check History

C2B-Make Payment

"C2B-Make Payment" allows you to see your current outstanding balances and make payments to those balances online using your credit card. Just check which balances you want to pay, enter the amount and credit card information, and press "Post Payment".
C2B-Make Payment