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Staff Spotlight

Joe Russo

This week, it's all about our primary woodwind wizard, Joe Russo! He's been working tirelessly to get your flutes, clarinets, saxophones, etc up and running for over two years here, after many years doing repair work for Slam Hash music stores. He comes to us from the Berklee College of Music, the Boston Conservatory of Music, SUNY Plattsburgh, and the Allied Supply Repair School. We think he's been hiding from the mob. He has 50+ musical compositions under his belt of various genres, in, as he says "varying degrees of uselessness". That might jus be his goatee talking though. His hobbies include inventing new recipes for Baccala, and reading ancient Latin texts, poorly. He also starts to sound like Artie Lang when he gets really going on a subject. It's entertaining. He also keeps a small garden here on the back lawn of the store, growing many herbs, peppers, and tomatoes. Seriously, don't tell any mafia folk that he's here, we like him.