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Antoine Courtois Antione Coutrois Small Bore/Small Shank Trombone

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Product  AC260BO-1-0

Antoine Courtois Performance Series Small Bore/Small Shank Trombone *Rental Inventory Closeout*

This trombone is used but in good condition. It may show some cosmetic wear from normal use. There is no major damage that will affect the sound or playability. It has been checked over and everything is functioning properly.

This is a full trombone outfit including a hardshell case and a mouthpiece.


  • F Attachment
  • 8.5" Two Piece Yellow Brass Bell
  • Open Wrap F Attachment
  • Miniball Linkage
  • Adjustable Thumb Trigger
  • Nickel Hand Slide
  • Forged Water Key Assembly
  • Clear Lacquer Finish
  • .525" Medium Bore
  • Small Shank Receiver

This trombone is previously rented. Please see images for appearance.

Used Woodwind and Brass instruments at The Music Den

Ready to be played

All used band instruments are inspected, serviced, and played tested by our repair technicians. You can be confident that they are ready to be played.

Cleaning & Sterilization

Each instrument is cleaned and any accessories such as mouthpieces, mouthpiece caps, and ligatures are sterilized. Our cleaning process utilizes a combination of ultra-sonic cleaning, the latest cleaning technology in the industry, and hand cleaning. Our Ultrasonic cleaner machine uses high-pitched sound waves and a biodegradable cleaning solution to more effectively remove debris than traditional methods which typically relied on harsh chemical baths. The absence of harsh chemicals is safer for the environment, our technicians, and most importantly, our customers and their instruments.

Instrument Condition

Instruments are only listed for sale if they are in excellent playing condition. This means that pads are sealing correctly and any mechanical parts, such as keys, valves, and slides are moving freely and functioning as they should. Cosmetically, most used band instruments will show wear and tear. This includes: scratches in the lacquer, wearing off of lacquer in certain spots, and small dings and dents.

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