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Selmer R03474 Bb Présence Clarinet with Silver Keys

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Product  B16PRESENCE

Henri Selmer Paris Seles Presence Bb Clarinet

Thanks to its innovative bore design, this clarinet has unique acoustic qualities that provide ease of emission, exceptional homogeneity and above all an instrument that is easy to play. The sound of the Presense clarinet is a mix of harmonic richness, and timbre; essential characteristics to the instrument. Also, the research done on the position and size of the tone holes has given this clarinet unrivaled intonation.

  • 440-442 Hz tuning
  • 66.5 mm barrel
  • silver-plated keys
  • adjustable thumb rest
  • Valentino pads
  • Henri SELMER Paris C85 120 mouthpiece
  • Presence Case
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