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The year was 1979, and a 24-year-old percussionist named Neil Grover was living his dream of performing in the percussion section of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Neil got to play and was intrigued by a very old triangle that was treasured by the BSO percussionists. It resounded with a unique sparkle and spread of overtones. Neil’s natural curiosity led him to explore why that particular triangle had such a uniquely vibrant musical sound quality. With the help of students at MIT’s Acoustics and Vibrations Lab, Neil set out to uncover the secret of creating a triangle with prominent overtone resonance.

Today, Grover Pro Percussion operates in an efficient manufacturing facility located just north of Boston at the corner of Rt. 93 and Rt. 128 in Woburn, Massachusetts. The company employs a highly dedicated team percussion specialists, production experts, and seasoned business managers. Despite his busy schedule, Neil Grover serves as President/CEO. For over 29 years, Grover Pro’s products have been in strong demand and can be found in virtually every corner of the world, from Alaska to Australia, California to Russia, and everywhere in between!

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