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AMATI - Denak, s.r.o is a Czech company manufacturing wind musical instruments, their spare parts and accessories. The range of our wind instruments is abundant, containing brasswinds, woodwinds, piston and rotary valve instruments and signal instruments. You can find every common instrument, from Flutes to Tubas here. Concerning accessories, we not only produce wind instruments, but stringed instruments accessories.

Aside from producing musical instruments we are engaged in metal plating (additional production).

A Traditional European Company.
The AMATI - Denak company has a long tradition in musical instruments making and keeps this tradition still alive. The historical beginning of the production dates back to the 18th century. At that time some enthusiastic manufacturers established a small workshops which, during more than 180 years, have grown into a factory. The production volume puts us among one of the three biggest musical instrument manufacturers in Europe. But the company doesn't "lose the face" compared to the worldwide standard as well. The company V.F.Cerveny, which is a part of the AMATI - Denak company, belongs among the greatest manufacturers of rotary valve instruments.

Guarantee For a Perfect Instrument.
We strive to 'implement' the long tradition of musical instrument production into our products. High quality instruments are guaranteed because of our long experience and fine craftsmanship. AMATI - Denak's instruments can satisfy the most ambitious players' demands. Best proof of that are our many satisfied players all around the world. One of many great examples is the former President of the United States.

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