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HQ Percussion joined the D’Addario & Co. family of brands in January 2004. Since its acquisition, D’Addario has focused on bringing innovation back to the world of practice products, allowing professionals and amateurs alike to perfect the art of percussion performance.

D’Addario started with simple changes like cosmetic improvements on the RealFeel practice pads, changing the roughly cut black painted bases to machine routed and powder-coated MDF board, then switching the smooth tan natural gum rubber to a dark grey fabric-finish to hide scuff marks and maintain a "new" look longer. Packaging improvements and merchandising systems have helped dealer sales provide a more cohesive look to the brand and allow the product to sell itself in a retail environment.

The most important innovations brought to HQ since D’Addario’s ownership have been product improvements and line expansions. The HQ RealFeel Snare Cartridge was the first pad in the industry that could double as both a snare and a standard pad. The new HQ SoundOff Ride and Hi-hat Mutes use an ultra-thin rubber that closely approximates the natural rebound of a stick hitting a cymbal.

HQ will continue to set new industry standards for practice product innovation, retailer support, and efforts within music education to grow what was once a simple idea into a percussion industry brand icon.   

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