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Eastman Strings

Eastman Strings is widely recognized as a leading maker and distributor of fine stringed instruments and bows ranging from fractional size instruments for young beginners to outstanding master instruments and bows for advanced and professional players. Over the years, we have striven to supply musicians with the best possible quality at reasonable prices.

The wide variety of instruments available from Eastman Strings includes Chinese, German, and Eastern European lines. All are distinguished by their quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

Instruments by Eastman Strings are crafted using traditional methods and materials. Aged tonewoods and quality hardwood fittings are fashioned by hand by talented craftspeople under the guidance of master luthiers in precisely the same manner as the famous German and French workshops made them a century ago.

Our German instruments are constructed in the traditional cottage industry style, with specialists collaborating to create instruments in the manner of the Mittenwald and Klingenthal workshops of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Final adjustments, graduations, and finishing are completed in our USA workshops.

Bows provided by Eastman Strings are made by hand in small master workshops using traditional Permnambuco and Brazilwood sticks and ebony frogs with authentic nickel, silver, and mother-of-pearl fittings. In addition, Our K.Holtz and Cadenza bows employ modern materials to achieve age-old standards of weight, strength, and suppleness. Eastman Strings donates a percentage of the proceeds from ALL bow sales to the important conservation efforts of the International Pernabuco Conservation Initiative.

Each item Eastman Strings makes and sells has its own story to tell, yet all share one important aspect: they are created with integrity by people who care about your music making.

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