Yamaha YACCLKIT Clarinet Maintenance Kit

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Yamaha YACCLKIT Clarinet Maintenance Kit

All-in-one Care & Maintenance Solution
Perfect for players at any level, Yamaha Wind Instrument Care & Maintenance Kits provide an easy maintenance solution for flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, horn, trombone, and low brass players.

Quality Materials
Each kit is specially designed to contain the highest quality cloths, brushes, swabs, and lubricants to keep any instrument in top playing condition. Each kit also features an easy-to-understand care & maintenance manual and re-closeable plastic bag for item storage.

Consisting of one each:
  • YAC1007P Soft cork grease
  • YAC1049P Tone hole cleaner
  • YAC1059P Pad Cleaning papers
  • YSW1152P Clarinet swab
  • YAC1085P Woodwind mouthpiece brush
  • YAC1098P Untreated polishing cloth

    Manufacturer Description

    Yamaha began over one hundred years ago when a young entrepreneur named Torakusu Yamaha set out to craft a high-quality reed organ. Before long, the company he founded had not only gone on to manufacture Japan's first piano, it had also gained recognition abroad with a Yamaha piano and organ being awarded an Honorary Grand Prize at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair.

    From these auspicious beginnings, Yamaha has grown to become one of the best-loved manufacturers of musical instruments in the world. And as it has grown, the company has capitalized on its unique heritage of artisanship and technological know-how to diversify into an astoundingly wide range of products and services. Today, Yamaha is a leader in businesses ranging from musical instruments and audio & video products to products related to information technology, new media services, home furnishings, auto components, specialty metals, music education and resort facilities. Yet, true to our musical origins, no matter what business we take on, or what country we do business in -- we seek to remain perfectly attuned to the set of shared values that define the World of Yamaha.

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